FB72012 British Tank Female sponsons

(The label should read FB72012. The inscription "FB72011" has a typo.)

The Airfix Mk I Tank in 1/72 scale, as been around since 1967, but it's still very popular between small scale modellers. Recently, Airfix decided to re-release this kit with new parts, namely the "female" sponsons - whereas the first edition  only offered the "male sponsons". However, these parts may lack detail and historical accuracy for the more demanding modeller.

Therefore, this resin update set features a pair of correct female sponsons.

- They should be removed from the casting film with the help of an x-acto nice and sandpapper;
- Superglue may/should be used  to glue them in place;
- They should fit directly on the respective positions, substituting the plastic parts;
- Don't forget that a coat of primer will make the painting process easier (as an example).

Please click the following link for prices and shipping costs.

Thank you for your interest!

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